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I am a certified plastic surgeon with special interest on aesthetic surgery, practising in Dubai, U.A.E. dealing with patients form diverse nationalities. You can address questions to me on body and facial aesthetic surgery (liposuction, breast surgery, nose corrections, eyelid surgery, fat injections, botox and fillers) as well as reconstructive surgery. I also have experise in the area of peripheral nerve surgery such as carpal tunnel syndrome and other nerve entrapments. I would especially welcome queries from net-surfers from this part of the world.


Professional: Plastic and Reconstructive surgery journal, Acta Tropica, European journal of OB & Gyn etc.

What do you like about this subject?

It is intensely creative, full of possibilities, always pushing the frontiers of scientific knowledge,surgical craftsmanship and human imagination. We solve problems of structure and function in any part of the body. Although we use high tech, yet much can be achieved with basic equipment, it is truly a brains and skills speciality.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I plan to explore the exciting field of minimally invasive [key-hole surgery] surgery applications in the field of plastic surgery. Laser surgery is yet another area that I would ike to get into in due course.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Did you know that plastic surgery started in India and records date back to 3000 BC? War and deformities caused by mutiliating punishments were the main driving force in the development of this branch of surgery. In the 18th century English surgeons working in the East India company observed this type of nose reconstructive surgery in India took the techniques to Europe.

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2017-01-25 3D printing in facial reconstruction:

I do not use 3D printing yet. in terms of general info on how this impacts on face aesthetic and reconstructive procedures, i give you a brief answer  1. it enables custom implants to be manufactured locally

2016-04-27 nasal collapse:

Seems to me that the cartilage or synthetic material that you got inserted on the side of your nose to prevent collapse [a good idea by the way] has now infolded and is actually blocking your airway. it

2016-02-13 Scar tissue after jaw and genioplasty surgery.:

sounds like a complicated issue and honestly it is difficult to offer suggestions without examining the person. one option is to go back to your surgeon or go to aplastic surgeon if so far all the surgery

2015-11-17 is it ok to wear sports bra for too long:

I think you may switch to nomal bra. Breasts will settle down with time. You may leave them unsupported for a few hours if u feel they are high. In the beginning you may feel uncomfortable due to bra dependency

2015-10-29 Improving forward facial growth:

You live i  Australia and orthognathic surgery is well advanced there. Lefort osteotomy and distraction is the best. As for paranasal aug, fillers and fat graft, all of these are useful as long as you


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