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Dia05/21/16101010Thanks so much for your help!
Michaela02/18/16101010Thank you very much for the answers!

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2016-03-03 Need help reading a side-view chest x ray:

Hello Sam,    I am very sorry for the long wait.   Unfortunately, the images are not of diagnostic quality for me to render an opinion.  Perhaps you can place an arrow near the area that you are concerned

2016-02-26 X ray of knee:

Crystal,  The structure that the arrow points to is not abnormal.    However two very small bright spots inside the arrow may be artifact from xray or represent a foreign object.    Otherwise nothing else

2016-02-23 iodine contrst:

Jessica,    Firstly I hope you meant 30-45 seconds later...not minutes.  No CT goes for that long :)    Interesting question.  It is certainly much better to stop the infusion as quickly as possible.

2016-02-19 Abdominal xray:

Amie,    If there is a colectomy then certainly small bowel will have some stool.  While you should be able to differentiate the small bowel from colon, I think the radiologist perhaps didn't chose the

2016-02-17 Cone Beam CT:

Not at all...leaded vest don't do anything besides make you feel uncomfortable...and make patients feel like something important is happening.  The beam is so coned to the area of imaging that there is


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