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I am not qualified to interpret diagnostic imaging or to diagnose disease. Please consult a physician for that information. I am the photographer. I can tell you what to expect during most MRI, CT and X-ray procedures.

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I now have more than 30 years experience in diagnostic imaging. My specialty is MRI. I am also very familiar with CT and the way we used to take x-rays (everything's digital now)!


I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Radiologic Technology.

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Ralph12/05/16101010Quick but thorough response.
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Megan09/25/16101010Very helpful!

Recent Answers from Delia White

2016-12-16 Small bowel CT scan:

Hello, Richard.    I would say that a CT scan is able to detect small bowel disease very well. The results mean that your small bowel appears to be normal, in the very well-educated radiologist's opinion

2016-12-07 Cancer scare:

Hello, Mammie.    You are at a higher risk of developing cancer than someone who has never had any x-rays, but that's not something to lose sleep over.    There is nothing you can do to reverse or remove

2016-12-05 Preferred Standing Radiographic Positioning for Vertebral Column:

Hello, Ralph,    Standing x-rays of the spine are usually taken in a standing "at rest" position, both AP & LAT views. Sometimes scoliosis specialists ask for additional "flexion & extension" lateral views

2016-12-03 Abdominal and pelvis ct scan:

Hello, Jessica.    Don't worry about it this weekend. This is not an emergency. If your doctor can't explain these results to you, make an appointment for a consultation with a different doctor about your

2016-11-05 Regarding Ultrasound:

Hello, Gisbert.    Medical imaging is not always 100% accurate. There is always the possibility of a "false positive" or "false negative" result. For example, there may be a gas bubble overlying the anatomy


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