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Joel Gelman, M.D.

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Urethral Stricture Disease, Peyronie's Disease and disorders of penile curvature, Erectile Dysfunction with a focus on penile implant surgery, Male Incontinence, Hypospadias

Experience in the area

Dr. Gelman is a Board Certified Fellowship Trained expert in Male Reconstructive Urology and the Director of the Center for Reconstructive Urology in the Department of Urology at UC, Irvine Medical Center.


American Urologic Association Society of GU Reconstructive Surgeons (Board of Directors) International Sexual Medicine Society Western Section, Americal Urological Association


Journal of Urology Urology Journal of Endourology


Residency in Urology, UCLA, completed 1995 Fellowship in GU Reconstruction, Devine Center, completed 1997

Past/Present Clients

The Center for Reconstructive Urology is a regional, national, and international Tertiary Referral Center for urethral stricture disease, penile curvature, erectile dysfunction, male incontinence, and other surgical disorders of the male urethra and penis. Patients have travelled from 24 different states and other countries to receive care at the Center for Reconstructive Urology. More information can be found at

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Many men with urethral strictures are often managed with repeated urethral dilations and internal incisions destined to fail without knowing that their strictures can almost always be cured with a single urethral reconstruction operation called urethroplasty when performed by a surgeon with expertise urethroplasty.

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2015-06-08 Urethrocutaneous fistula/split glans:

Regarding size, penile enlargement surgery does not enlarge the penis in a normal way, and can be associated with very serious complications.  Beware!  Regarding your minor fistula, certainly this can

2015-06-03 Curvature of penis:

Dear Raj,    The likely diagnosis is called "congenital penile curvature".  Assuming this is the diagnosis (as I can not be definitive without being able to see and examine you), the cause is one side

2015-03-29 cremastic cramping causing aggressive rise in r/h testicle after urination:

I am sorry but I know if no specific remedy as it is not clear to me what is the diagnosis.  However, conditions that could cause this include intermittent torsion where the testicle twists and elevates

2015-02-18 Prostate congestion Problm:

Dear Emil, When I am asked a question, I can generally provide an answer.  However, when I am contacted by patients who are under the care of a Urologist, and are being treated (e.g.. antibiotics) I am

2014-12-14 Viagra:

Dear Ray,    1. Yes, this is a good sign of recovery.  After injury to the penis, it is quite possible for erections to improve during the first 6-12 months after the injury.      2. Generally, but not


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