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Tonja Wells is a Certified Natural Health Professional. (C.N.H.P.) and a Certified Herbal Health Consultation (N.H.C.). She is currently working on her Naturopathic Doctors degree. She has been working as an herbalist since 1992 years. Tonja can answer your questions on herbs and herbal health needs in most areas such as having more energy, weight loss, allergies, stress, depression, ADHD, hormones, stress, PMS, menopause, herbs for children and much more. She specializes in putting complete herbal health and nutritional programs together for clients.

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I am a certified Natural Health Professional and certified as an Herbal Health Consultant. I have been working with clients for 10 years. I also have a web site you can visit to obtain more information. You can visit me at


Certified Natural Health Professional through Certified Herbal Health Consultant

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2016-06-23 Folic acid:

Hello Linda,    I can only suggest taking the recommended amount unless their is a health issues that otherwise needs it and then I suggest taking a complete B complex. This would be something a practitioner

2015-06-24 Vitamin b12 injections:

Hello Angela,    Their are many reason why energy can be low. Low B12 is just one of those. Without knowing all that is going on, I would only suggest using the dosage prescribe to you. It would require

2015-03-19 lipoma:

Hello Esther,    Yes, I too believe most health issues are related to emotional issues in our lives.  I like to use Bach flowers for these.    Here is a test you can take for pre-blended flowers.   http://treelite

2015-02-04 Cyst:

Hello Aleesha,    When I work with cyst I think of cleaning up the body.   I suggest clean eating. Eat around the outside of the grocery store. Eat food God made and nothing in a bag, bottle or can.  Lots

2015-02-02 DHEA:

Hello Bud,    I do not personally suggest DHEA unless their are specific health issues related to needing it or saliva testing shows it is low. It is not an herbal and not a nutrient to be taken lightly


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