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Sharon Erdrich

New Zealand

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Any health related question, particularly those related to an holistic approach, using nutrition, herbal medicine, aromatherapy and lifestyle options.

Experience in the area

30 years as a registered nurse, Private health consultant and experienced educator of complementary medicine practitioners.


NZAMH, NZ Nursing Council., AIMA (Associate member), Naturopaths of NZ.


Kai Tiaki Journal. Healthy Options Magazine. See my website for downloadable articles.


Reg Nurse, Post Grad Cert Health Science (Nutrition), Dip Herbal Med, Dip Naturopathy, Dip Aromatherapy.

Awards and Honors

Best Research Paper, Top Naturopathic Student (2005)

Past/Present Clients

Varied, from all ages and with a range of health issues.

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Stephen07/12/16101010HI Sharon, I am 41 years of .....
Stephen07/11/16101010Very quick response and knowledgeable.
Stephen07/11/16101010Thank you!
Suzie04/27/16101010This amazing and wonderful lady answered my .....
Steve04/17/16101010Clear/concise/helpful - Thanks

Recent Answers from Sharon Erdrich

2016-10-14 Coumarin in cinnamon and cassia teas.:

Hi Mike  Yes, you are correct, coumarin is fat soluble - but alcohol can extract it as well.  (I misread your initial "isn't" for an "is" !).  So, yes you're pretty safe with cinnamon tea.  I think the

2016-10-11 Coumarin in cinnamon and cassia teas.:

Hi there  I'm not sure where you got your info, but coumarin is very soluble in ether, diethyl ether, chloroform, oil, pyridine and ethanol.   Coumarin is also in chamomile and there are documented cases

2016-09-20 Naturally calming medications:

Hi Amber  The very best of the calming herbs for children are chamomile and lemon balm.  Make a herbal tea with them - separately or together - and give this to him.  He might be more accepting of the

2016-06-29 Can I avoid a root canal?:

Hello Stephen,  This is always a difficult decision.  The dentist's objective is to "save the tooth" at all costs! (your cost!).  I have successfully supported a patient to avoid a root canal by using

2016-04-27 Books:

Hi Suzie  You are quite right - this is an enormous area.  Many of the resources are designed for clinicians, rather than home remedies.  However, James A. Duke has produced some good ones, including "The


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