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Shashank Shekhar Pandey


I can help in Physical, Mental, Emotional issues with Diet and Nutrition, Yoga, Reiki, Acupressure and counseling based on yogic principles.

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I am practicing as Alternative Medicine Consultant for the last 16 years. Ask a Expert - Visit my Virtual Office at Presto Experts


B.A., Diploma in Nutrition and Health, Reiki Master and Teacher, Pursuing M.A. in Psychology.

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Eddie09/28/13101010Thank you very much. I will follow .....
Sara09/22/13101010Thank u

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2016-12-05 Yoga for hypertension:

Hi Mohan,  Do Suksham Vyayam. After that do deep breathing Pranayams such as Bhastrika, Anulome-vilome and Bhramari. Then do Yoga-nidra for at least 10 minutes. Do all these empty stomach early in the

2016-11-25 Asafoetida (Hing) ?:

Hi,People, in India, use/consume a little bit of asafetida on a daily basis by adding it to curries and food.  You can dissolve a few small pieces of asafetida along with half teaspoon of ginger and one

2016-11-07 Any treatment:

Hi Abhishek,  Have you visited Vaidya Devendra Dev Triguna in Delhi? I advise you to visit Vaidya Devendra Dev Triguna(Padam Shree & Padam Vibhushan). His clinic is situated at Sarai Kale Khan and Bhogal

2014-04-28 What oil reduces hair growth?:

Hi Sajid, Please wait. I do not know about any such oil. I have asked some of my Gujarati friends about it. They also were unaware of it.  However, they have assured me that they would ask from their village

2013-09-22 Eating Dhal curry (dried lentils) every day:

Hi Sara,  He can eat dal. In fact, dal would be beneficial for him with the issues you have mentioned.  Dal is prohibited in Ayurveda when one is having vata dosha and he/she has arthritis, spondylitis


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