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Shashank Shekhar Pandey


I can help in Physical, Mental, Emotional issues with Diet and Nutrition, Yoga, Reiki, Acupressure and counseling based on yogic principles.

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I am practicing as Alternative Medicine Consultant for the last 16 years. Ask a Expert - Visit my Virtual Office at Presto Experts


B.A., Diploma in Nutrition and Health, Reiki Master and Teacher, Pursuing M.A. in Psychology.

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Eddie09/28/13101010Thank you very much. I will follow .....
Sara09/22/13101010Thank u

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2014-04-28 What oil reduces hair growth?:

Hi Sajid, Please wait. I do not know about any such oil. I have asked some of my Gujarati friends about it. They also were unaware of it.  However, they have assured me that they would ask from their village

2013-09-22 Eating Dhal curry (dried lentils) every day:

Hi Sara,  He can eat dal. In fact, dal would be beneficial for him with the issues you have mentioned.  Dal is prohibited in Ayurveda when one is having vata dosha and he/she has arthritis, spondylitis

2013-09-22 Eating Dhal curry (dried lentils) every day:

Hi Sara,  We Indians eat every day daal. Daal is a very good source of protein. Vegetarians get protein from daal and milk. Rest assured, it has no adverse effect on the health. However, in Ayurveda daal

2013-09-16 Pitta-Kapha foods:

Hi,   Nice to know that you have developed interest in Ayurveda.   Yes, you can eat complex carbs like whole wheat bread and whole wheat pasta. Also, potatoes but in less quantity.  Being Pitta-Kapha,

2012-10-06 Acne rosacea:

Hello Eric Dunker,   The link you have provided is not available.   THIS SITE IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE BECAUSE OF MAINTENANCE. PLEASE VISIT US AGAIN LATER.. I have here copied and pasted the notice available


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