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I can answer in-depth questions regarding Iyengar Hatha Yoga, and Qigong. I can also answer questions about how Yoga and Qigong can be very powerful tools in helping a cancer survivor overcome the side-effects of chemotherapy, radiation, hormone medications, etc.

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As a 14 year brain cancer survivor I underwent 8-1/2 hrs of brain surgery followed by radiation therapy to the head and spine five days/week for six weeks. I also received four different chemotherapy drugs once/wk for a year and a half. I was left with severe mental, physical, and emotional side effects which took me ten years of personal research and experimentation to eliminate. I am now happily married with two children and work as a life coach for cancer survivors.


International Coaching Certification Association, CHINA US WUDANG QI GONG ASSOCIATION


I have a B.A. from Penn State University. I studied Iyengar Hatha yoga intensively for several years while living in Los Angeles, and studied Elementary and Intermediate Qi Gong with Grandmaster Zhou, Ting-Jue. Trained at Wu Dang monestary, he is a Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Kung Fu Grand Master, and one of the most powerful Qigong masters currently living.He is 80 years old, still practicing out of his home in El Monte, CA and considered a living treasure in his native country of China. I am also a raw vegan and have combed the books and webinars of the leading minds in Health and Nutrition to develop optimal plant-based diets at different levels of Vegan/vegetarian eating.

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JOHN08/11/15101010Thanks for your speedy and helpful reply .....


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