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I will answer questions regarding prescripion and non prescription drugs as well as commonly used mdicinal herbs. I will also answer questions on various medical conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, thyroid problems, diabets, menopause, parkinson`s disease, multiple sclerosis, depression etc.

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I am a practicing hospital pharmacist with 10 years experience in hospital and 10 years retail pharmacy experience prior to that.
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B.Sc. Pharm

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Recent Answers from Eric Brandt

2016-10-26 Herbs or natural remedies for infected tooth:

Hi Steve,  My thought are that you should complete the course of antibiotic prescribed and follow you dentist's advice. There are no natural alternatives to antibiotics to cure infections of this kind

2016-03-07 Difference Between Herbs and Drugs?:

Hi Usuff,  A) False. Drugs sometimes have moe than one active ingredient.   B) False. Drugs sometimes have multiple mechanisms of actions  C) False. I often see medications taken on an alternate day basis

2016-02-11 Hypertensive Thalamic (Bleeding)Stroke:

Hi Nanacy,  I can confirm that chondrites,grape seed extract, omega-3 oil, Kyolic garlic ad ginger supplement should be avoided. As to fresh ginger used in flavouring, the amount consumed is likely too

2016-02-11 Hypertensive Thalamic (Bleeding)Stroke:

Hi Nancy,  Glucosamine is contraindicated when there is active bleeding. It also enhances the activity of agents with anti-platelet properties as well it enhances the effect of warfarin. I am not sure

2016-02-08 Hypertensive Thalamic (Bleeding)Stroke:

Hi Nancy,  1. Your mother should avoid nay substances that increase the chance for bleeding. This includes Vitamin E and other substances known to have aticoaglant properties.  2. It is ok to continue


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