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Alexander Technique - what it is, whether will it help you, how to find a teacher, how to train as a practitioner. The principles and theory of the technique, and how it works in practice. What happens in lessons. Origins of the Alexander Technique.

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I am a teacher with 20 years teaching experience, and a teaching member of The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT). and I run a school training teachers of the Technique.I am a Director of the Bloomsbury Alexander Centre in central London, UK and Director of the Headington Alexander Training School in Oxford, UK (reconized by STAT).


Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique


MSTAT (Member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique
GRSM (Graduate of the Royal Schools of Music, London)

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2012-10-09 Fertility:

Alexander Technique makes no claims to help with any particular condition, because it is a way of looking at the whole manner of a person's use of themselves. Through achieving an improved overall manner

2011-04-02 how can i control stamerring.:

Dear Zabair    If you can find an Alexander Technique teacher to work with, they should be able to help you. The technique consists of learning not to react straight away to the desire to speak, because

2010-06-15 looking for LIFE:

I am a teacher of the Alexander Technique. I do not know if your question has come to me directly as an Alexander teacher, or indirectly because we might be generally involved in the sort area you are

2009-05-28 Reading and info resources:

Dear Richard    My area of expertise is the Alexander Technique. My own two sites, at and , contain plenty of information about the Technique. Also UK based, the website

2009-04-29 medicine:

What is the Alexander Technique?  Some people move with grace and ease and seem to have good posture, freedom of movement and general well-being. Some of us, on the other hand, use ourselves very badly


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