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Josť Manuel Cruz


I can answer questions about using the Bach Flower essences, in Portuguese, Spanish or English, aiming to improve spiritual, mental and emotional health and, in this way, stimulating the body`s own capacity to heal itself.

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I started to attend Bach Flower seminars in 1999 and concluded the Official International Bach Education Program in 2009. I have been giving advice helping to use this healing system through my Web Page ( to anyone who need and ask. I have also some knowledge about other holistic healing therapies, namely, Reflexology, Auriculotherapy and basic elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Article, in 2000 about the Bach Flowers in a small magazine directed to the portuguese Reiki community, named Ponte de Luz.


I concluded the Official International Bach Education Program and I am a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner. I have also attended to several training seminars in other holistic healing therapies, namely The Silva Mind Method, Reiki, Auriculotherapy, Reflexology, Acupuncture and Shiatsu. I'm a Civil Engineer by profession.

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Hello    It is not my main area of expertise, although I never heard about that characteristics of cider vinegar. Usually I use cider vinegar as food seasoning due to it benefits to health, namely for

2012-07-09 Saw Palmetto:

Hello    My expertise is only regarding Bach Flower essences that work helping to heal our mental and emotional bodies, specifically in order to transform negative emotional states in their opposite ones

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Dear Sachin    My expertise regards to Bach Flower essences that are used for healing our emotional and mental bodies and in that way may help to heal also our physical body. So, its use is based in what

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Dear friend Akila    The Bach Flower essences are not indicated specifically to current medical diseases but to help our internal healing process, namely regarding to our mental and unbalanced emotional

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Dear friend    My expertise is most regarding to Bach Flower essences, so, in order to get some better information about fasting I think that you should get advice and even following from a certified health


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