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I am a Messianic missionary. I am a homeopathic practitioner, as well as an herbalist, reflexologist, iridologist, and author. I believe healing comes from Adonai and we are healed first in our spirit. My website is:

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I have practiced reflexology for 25 years, been a Master Herbalist and an Ordained Minister for 10.


Many Voices, Poets of the 20th Century, Creation Therapy, Simply Abundant

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Melodie07/15/15101010Thank you very much for your time .....
lucie01/21/13101010i appreciate your time and prayer. god .....

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2016-10-11 Storing herbal supplement:

Dear Brady,    Both methods you have mentioned are good.  I use canning jars with sealing lids and moisture absorber in cool, dry, and dark place.      Bags take less space than jars, but living in the

2015-07-09 fertility/sore breasts:

Dear Melody,    I've given your situation some added consideration.  You have a number of factors that may simply be telling you to enjoy the children who have already blessed your life.  There is also

2015-04-18 migraine:

Dear Tamara,    It sounds like you may have developed some sort of allergy.  This is only a guess, but I don't think this is temperature related so much as it is vegetation related.  If you feel better

2014-02-02 Question about omega 369?:

Dear Susan,    I always recommend following label directions in packaged alternative health products.  Since it is soft gels, would it possible to puncture the soft gel and apply the contents directly

2013-03-06 Homeopathic medicine:

Dear Linda,  Without knowing all your history, I would offer two thoughts.  It could be you need to take this preparation longer than just 6 months.  Your body may need it, long term . . . until your body


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