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I can answer questions regarding helping or curing various diseases and ailments as well as make suggestions on what not to do and give my opinion on what traditional medicine says on the subject given. I believe we need doctors for certain problems such as broken bones but I personally have rarely seen a doctor in over ten years. I take over ten supplements per day at age sixty-two. I will do my best to assist in anything from minor infections to major disease but will readily admit when I cannot offer someone any help. I have discovered a fairly novel approach to weightloss in which I have lost ten pounds.

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I have been helping heal myself, friends and family for ten years and have studied alternative medicine for fifteen years beginning in approximately 1991.


AA degree Psychology, minor in nursing

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Jeff02/12/16101010Thank you Suz for the health information .....
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2016-02-21 foods/herbs/supplements/to fight bronchitis:

Hi, you ask, "Are there other foods, herbs or supplements I should try to fight off bronchitis and to strengthen my immune system?" I"m so sorry but I think you're already doing many things right and if

2016-02-11 cough/sore throat/chest infection:

Hi , I'm sorry but I don't know much about bronchodilators except I know they open up the tiny air sacs in the lungs which is where the "dilator" comes in. Try to cough phlegm up as much as possible.

2016-02-03 cough/sore throat/chest infection:

HI, you may be allergic to dust or pets. Your immune systems seems low and off and on antibiotics will make it worse. you can develop a tolerance to antibiotics and end up in the hospital eventually.

2016-01-17 Cold sores:

Hi, there    I am in Alternative Medicine and am not qualified to respond to inquiries regarding pharmaceuticals. I don't know anything about Valtrex (I assume it's for cold sores). But no; I don't see

2015-01-16 2 questions:

Hi Joanne,    I've lost weight by drinking a smoothie each day. I have a Nutribullet-the cheapest model. Here is my recipe:   Put in the cup 2 handsful of fresh or frozen blueberries, 1/4 of a banana (optional)


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