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As an expert in Medicare supplemental insurance, I can help you decide which plan is best for you. If you are turning 65 or your rates are just too high, let me shop for you and give you your options. I can also assist the under-65 for their health insurance options. Please include the State you live in.

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Having been in the business for 10 years, I keep up with all the new rules of the new Health Reform and am licensed and certified to assist you.


All the continuing education I have taken keeps me up to date with licensing and the insurance industry.

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S03/08/17101010Thanks, Cindy, for your asap and helpful .....
John09/27/16101010Thanks, I appreciate you taking the time .....
Lee02/03/16101010Thanks much again!
Lee02/03/16101010Thanks much, your info and advice are .....

Recent Answers from Cindy Hopp

2017-03-08 benefits:

Hi, thanks for the question.  The simple answer is Yes.  You may lose Medicaid for the month you receive the inheritance.  For subsequent months, you would have to either spend down to the appropriate

2016-09-23 health insurance:

Hi John, thank you for the question.  It appears you've done a marvelous job of navigating the website as well as your goals and intentions!  Good job.  The only other thing I would advise is to talk with

2016-02-03 plan G vs F:

Hi Lee, we're getting to be old friends, lol.  As I've mentioned previously, in my opinion, getting the best plan when turning 65 is imperative because you can always move down the ladder as rates increase

2016-02-02 Medicare enrollment:

Lee, I would normally suggest the F Plan as then there would be no deductibles or copays.  The annual cost savings between the F and G would need to be effectively more than the $166 deductible.  Indeed

2016-02-02 Medicare enrollment:

Hi Lee, it can get confusing huh?  Throughout my career most people have automatically received their Medicare card usually 3-4 months before turning 65, whether on Social Security or not.  I always tell


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