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Has your medical insurance company denied your claim and refuses to pay? Have you received a pre-authorization and still your insurance company refuses to pay? How can you get your insurance company to reverse a denied claim? How do you get a provider to waive your copayment if you are financially unable to pay? Can a provider sue you for a unpaid bill and will they? Can a provider send me to a collection agency for a medical bill? If my insurance company does not pay, am I responsible? If you have these questions or others on why your insurance company is not paying your bills, I can help. I can give you "tricks of the trade" to get your insurance company to pay. I have limited knowledge on Medicare and Medicaid and that is not my expertise. Each state is very different regarding Medicare and Medicaid so you need to review their website when you have questions. So please no Medicare or Medicaid questions!!

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In the medical field for over 20 years spending majority of time in the collections aspect.

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2016-12-01 Health insurance:

Hi Amber!    I suggest that she tries to go on to the site to see if she qualifies for a rebate however this does not start with coverage until Jan 1st but you must sign up by Dec 15th.

2016-08-29 Insurance Billing:

Hi John,     Best thing to do is to ask the Dr for a copy of all your bills and review each one with explanation of benefits from your insurance company.  Many insurance companies now allow you to view

2016-05-10 Unpaid medical bills:

Hi Karen!    Once a debt is with a collection agency you need to negotiate with them and not the hospital usually but some hospitals may still be willing to negotiate even after an account goes to an outside

2016-02-12 stem cell coverage:

Hi Nick:    You would have to review your current plan exclusions and coverage.  Every plan is different and would be impossible for me to tell you.    Most times stem cell is listed as an exclusion and

2016-01-04 medicare cost:

Yes you have to pay for Medicare Insurance however very low compared to regular policies.    Part A is usually free if you have worked the last 10 years.  Part B there is a cost and it is around $105-$110


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