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What topics should a first aid kit cover? All aspects of keeping first aid skills and confidence current after training. New training and product technology.

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US Navy Medic 1970-1974, Director of Medic training for US Navy, First aid instructor. 35 years in developing new first aid products. Multiple patent holder on new generation of first aid kits.


Compliance Magazine "Ask the experts"


B.A. Eastern New Mexico State, M.Ed George Washington University

Awards and Honors

2002 Inductee NJ Inventor's Hall of Fame, Receipent of Good Housekeeping Best Buy in first aid kits, IParenting Media Award, Family Review Organziation 5 Star product review.

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Fortune 500 companies both US and worldwide along with Federal Government and general consumres

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Recent Answers from Dave Hammond

2016-01-01 wound not healing:

Hi Chris;    Let me first apologize for the delay in responding. Given your description it does sound as if foreign material could be in the wound. Have you tried soaking the finger in warm water to allow

2015-08-06 Cut Thumb Deeply:

Hi: Marina;    Sorry for the delay in responding. If you are not able to control the bleeding by now, please go the ER or walk in clinic. That is most important. If bleeding is stopped, keep the area clean

2015-06-08 instant ice packs:

Hi Theo;    Most instant ice packs only provide quick temporary relief and all have about the same duration which they maintain the cold. I would also consider putting cushion gel inserts into your shoes

2014-08-08 Chunk of skin removed from first knuckle of thumb. Small portion of bone of cartilage visible.:

Hi Amelia;    Please accept my apology for the delay in responding as I was dealing with family matters.    In reference to your question, what you seeing and touching is mostly likely the tendons and

2014-02-05 Cut Finger:

Hi Kathy;    From your description, the stinging most likely is due to a combination of both the wound and small nerves healing. If you have no other signs of redness or infection, a warm wet compress


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