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I can answer most questions about Emergency driving and different uses of equipment also Emergency care and transport using basic equipment for non basic situations.

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I have been in the emergency care field for 37 years


Rocky Hill volunteer Ambulance assn. Rocky Hill Connecticut

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Recent Answers from Craig Wormald

2015-07-23 insesticide poisoning:

You don't say what other symptom's you are having other than your nose feels funny....If he sprayed it on the floor and you were near the counter you could have breathed some in, but I think you will be

2012-12-30 giving injections at home:

Hi Cynthia, to be honest, I guess it would depend in which State that you lived in. Have you been trained in giving injections? Do LPN's give injections where you work? How did the patient get the antibiotic?

2012-06-09 First Aid Tip:

Hi Marielle, It's very hard to answer your question with so little facts, but I will try. If you have access to a Doctor, you should see him, that being said, you could have a concussion, look for headaches

2012-03-30 pen stab:

Hi Fred, do what they say, but also look for it becoming swollen puffy and puss filled around the wound, keep it clean and covered. The bruising around the wound is fairly normal. You don't say if they

2012-03-24 nearly severed finger tip:

OK, keep it covered, and clean, check for infection, red puffiness, pus, just generally watch it, it should heal. You may lose the nail. Watch for red streaks that go from the finger up your wrist this


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