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2016-10-30RogerPhotoshop element 13 tags101010No 
2015-02-05jennifeIs there Photoshop alternative101010NoThanks a lot, The one in your list pixlr, is similar to the one which my friend shared ( Which is updated version than pixlr ) From your List My work done by GIMP its free that is good and wonderful software after photoshop i have seen thanks a lot dear, hats of to you
2014-03-30TessTechnique Question101010YesTwo "digital artists" couldn't answer this photoshop question and send me in wrong directions and this person answered it 2 sentences. Thank you, thank you, it works! Tess
2013-11-27JasonEditing Evidence101010No 
2013-07-04ScottBlending images in101010NoThanks Kamal for all your help!!
2013-06-23Arlenefuzzy text on print101010YesMahalo (that's thank you in Hawaiian) Kamal for taking the time to answer this question. You are appreciated more than you know. Aloha, Arlene
2013-03-26JamesAdobe Photoshop CS59910No 
2013-02-27BryanPS vs. Lightroom101010YesPerfect
2013-02-21S. MahaQuery101010No 
2013-02-20Bootsprinted picture doesn't match101010YesI received his answer within 24 hours and he gave concise instructions on how to solve the problem, plus instructions on how to handle similiar problems in the future.
2013-02-20DennisIs this possible?101010NoWell, thanks for taking the time to answer just the same.
2012-12-26milanphoto shop101010No 
2012-12-17S MahabHow to Convert Logo101010Yes 
2012-12-15S Mahabquestion on photoshop101010No 
2012-12-07S MahabRef: question...101010Yes 
2012-10-24Hamza aTexture3710No 
2012-10-16AlanPhotoshop type tool.....101010YesThank u Kamal...... for your quick response.... :)
2012-10-15NickMoving pictures and words101010No 
2012-06-12Sunil MRef: question101010No 
2011-11-19MartinGlowing edges on a101010No 
2011-09-30NolanPANTONE BOOK PHOTOSHOP101010YesThank you for your prompt response.
2011-08-29DeepakDrawing arcs around circle101010NoHello Kamal, Actually the attached image was not created by me. I wanted to achieve/learn what was shown in the picture. But anyways, i was able to figure it out later as u mentioned using bevel effect. Thanks anyways
2011-08-05Carollearning photoshop101010YesAwesome answer, thank you so much. I agree with the certificate, nice to see, nice to hold, but show me your portfolio lol...agree 100$ thanks so much for your help
2011-07-21MartinEraser Pencil Tool on101010No 
2011-07-06monaopenning adobe photoshop software101010No hi Kamal . thanks for your answer
2011-06-12FadzEdit video in photoshop101010No 
2011-06-03MartinEdges on Extracted composed101010No 
2011-06-03MartinEdges on Extracted composed101010Yes 
2011-02-07VictorSelecting hairs101010YesThank you Kamal for your answer and the links. It is exactly what I need.
2011-01-03Raghavediting a document using101010No 

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Kamal Krishna


I am a Photoshop professional and have been using the tool since 1998. Since then I have been constantly upgrading myself with the newer versions of the same. Please feel free to ask me for issues or difficulties, be it technical or creative. I am here to help.


About 17years, I have been using photoshop since it was 3.0 extensively for print media, animation, presentations, broadcast designs, mobile content etc.


Bachelor of Science(Computers)

Awards and Honors
Brainbench Certified for Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Adobe Photoshop 6.0, Adobe Photoshop 5.5.

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