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2017-02-18BenA Pure-Energy Universe?10910No 
2017-02-01JonathaRetrograde of Venus101010YesThank you for such prompt, clear and authoritative answer
2016-09-04ApoorvCoordinate Systems101010YesThank you thank you. Thank you.....for the effort you spend in answering You're my saviour. Thank you again
2016-08-31AndrewAStronomy101010YesVery nice. The link also really helped.
2016-08-31PrashanCapturing Rainbow Images.101010YesDear Prof Courtney Thanks. Prashant
2016-08-26RRCelestial Coordinate Conversions101010NoI would like to thank Mr. Seligman for the time and effort he devoted to a rather abstruse question I had for him. We were not able to find the answer, but it is quite possible that there actually is no answer. His suggestions showed that he completely understood my question, and they were very helpful. So, if you have a question, it would be well worth your while to ask him, because he will very generously devote his attention to it, and you will benefit from it.
2016-08-25GeoffreRed dwarf star planet101010No 
2016-04-15GeneBlack Holes and Neutron10910Yes 
2016-03-26JamesEarth centric?101010YesThanks.
2016-01-01SteveAstronomy/Our Milky way way10810Yes I really appreciate Courtney Seligman's taking the time to answer my question on the illumination of our Milky Way galaxy.It was well answered but in a scientific round about way and not quite in the layman's terms that would have been just a bit more helpful. Although in the end I did get a full understanding and explanation to my question of which i'm truly grateful for. Thank you very much. And have a happy new year.
2015-05-28LouisMars atmosphere101010NoThank you very much. I knew there were areas that matched the water triple point on Mars, but I didn't know there were areas that could, in theory and a 2 degree window, allow liquid water to pool. If any of the Mars probes ever saw a puddle on Mars, that would change everything!
2015-05-26Ken Moon's travel101010YesThe answer was so quick and so complete. Thanks. To full understand your answer I still need to brush up on spherical geometry, a topic I learned/taught fifty years ago at NJIT. The confusion (on my part) perhaps is like the confusion of others that in order to take the shortest flight possible from New Jersey to Egypt, one would travel slightly north of due east. Thanks again!
2015-04-24Gregresolve apparent irrationality of101010YesUnexpected in quickness of response and clarity of explanation - very much resolving the issue AND with addition of Einstein view alternative to traditional Newtonian view. Fantastic - but completely comprehensible! :) Thank you! That proportional aspect of gravity has rather interesting results and influence on observers.
2015-02-14RishabhUniverse101010NoThanks a lot, to show me the right way.
2014-08-01MathewPlanets' Atmospheres101010YesWonderful, long and detailed answer written in a very clear language, with several linkt to other webpages where I could get additional information. One can really see a Master, a really good Professor dedicated to his students. Thank you, thank you very much.
2014-05-30AidanNorth Star101010YesCourtney Seligman Thank you very much for your relies to me. Explanationr super. Now I'm more interested in the stars thanks to you ! Please keep up your wonderful work. Thanks again.
2014-05-29AidanNorth Star101010NoThank you Courtney for such a prompt and excellent answer
2014-05-18Joelapparent size of the999NoThanks very much Courtney. Very helpful
2014-04-21DonGetting a grip on101010No 
2014-03-22Tamaralimiting magnitude101010NoThank you so much. I now understand.
2014-01-03MargareAstronomy, specifically Earth to10109No 
2013-12-27Lizconstellations101010NoVery informative. Thanks.
2013-12-10JeffreyLight through the universe101010YesThe explanation was clear and easy to understand for this layman, thanks for your time.
2013-11-11Ole MagWhen is the sun101010YesI got the answer to my question in 14 minutes together with the extra information I wanted!!! I am impressed!.
2013-09-30Louisaccurate sizes101010NoThanks, folks need to watch how they type stuff up, it can be super confusing.
2013-09-19Williamcool temperatures in planet101010YesThank you for the good answer. Bill Plows
2013-09-09William"Roche limit" in astrophysics101010YesA very good answer. Thank you very much.

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Courtney Seligman


I can answer almost any question about astronomy and related sciences, such as physics and geology. I will not answer questions about astrology and similar pseudo-scientific rubbish.


I have been a professor of astronomy for over 40 years, and am working on an online text/encyclopedia of astronomy, and an online catalog of NGC/IC objects.

Astronomical Journal, Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (too long ago to be really relevant, but you could search for Courtney Seligman on Google Scholar)

I received a BA in astronomy and physics and a MA in astronomy, both from UCLA. I was working on my doctoral dissertation when I started teaching, and discovered that I preferred teaching to research.

Awards and Honors
(too long ago to be relevant, but Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Xi still keep trying to get me to become a paying member)

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