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2017-04-07MimiAufenthaltsbestimmungsrecht101010NoThank you very much!
2017-04-06MimiAufenthaltsbestimmungsrecht101010NoI received a very professional answer on the same day. I am very, very satisfied with this service. Thank you so much!
2017-04-04CoralHow to get married101010YesHis answer was clear and precise.
2017-03-17MikeAge of consent in101010No 
2017-03-14UsiveUSA Asylum In Germany?10710NoI didn't get much new info but I did get a reply surprisingly quick. Good service. Glad I found it.
2017-03-12JuhaShort trip abroad.10910YesCan't give full rating on clarity. Was still left with open question about how long after incident charges can be pressed. Thank you.
2017-02-27PatriciBorn 1962 to German101010YesThank you once again Andreas for a very enlightening and swift response. You are a great asset to the AllExperts site!
2017-02-27PatriciBorn 1962 to German101010YesThank you Andreas for such solid, useful advice, you have been extremely helpful!
2017-02-17RickGerman land title /101010YesI was impressed and very pleased to get a fast response to my question. The answer was clear and pointed me in the right direction to start to address my issue. This was my first experience with AllExperts. I appreciate Andreas' participation and the AllExperts service.
2017-01-24JohnSpousal Support (alimony)101010No 
2016-12-26Lino QuTabelle duesseldorf 2017101010YesHi Andreas, thanks a lot for your fast and valid answer. Please let me know at what I have to do to give my contribution. Happy 2017. Lino
2016-12-16ShehzadRecognition of Danish marriage101010Yes 
2016-12-06Marion Applying for citizenship during101010Yes 
2016-11-19MarcoGerman citizenship application with101010No 
2016-11-08MarieBecoming a German citizen101010YesVery helpful comment! I deeply appreciate this! You have saved me time and money! Thanks for the very fast reply!
2016-10-27SimonChild visitation rights.101010YesThank you Andreas, I will take your advice on board. I hope that I don't have to go down the court route because I know that will be very expensive. Kind Regards Simon
2016-10-20SamiGerman Passport for non-EU101010No 
2016-09-23TylerDocuments for ius sanguinis101010Yes 
2016-09-13AdamStAngRegG and Citizenship by101010YesThat's wonderful news! Thank you so very much again!
2016-09-13JoannaWiedereinbürgerung101010YesVery concise answer!
2016-08-24MatthewSecondment counting towards naturalisation101010YesQuestion thoroughly answered!
2016-08-22RobertPower of Attorney Dissolution101010Yes 
2016-08-15AnnChild Support after 1810107NoI appreciate your answer. However, I asked a follow up question, which you told me you would like a donation. I sent you a donation, but have never had my follow up question answered :(
2016-08-04JacquelArt 116 Par 2/adopted101010YesExtremely helpful, thoughtful and useful replies - Vielen Dank, Andreas Moser!!
2016-07-15SaskiaGerman birth mother but101010YesReally knowledgeable and helpful!! Thank you so much.
2016-07-15Matt§14 StAG: strong ties101010No 
2016-07-06ChrisQuestions Regarding § 14101010YesThank you for the quick and thorough response!
2016-07-03BarbaraGerman citizenship after Brexit101010YesA really clear and swift response.
2016-06-19Gracedivorce in germany101010Yes 
2016-05-05AnneDeutscher Pass fuer in101010Yes 

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Andreas Moser


Extensive experience in international family law, especially international child abductions and child custody cases. All other areas of German law as well: constitutional law, criminal law, business and contract law, immigration law, inheritance law, and so on.


Lawyer in Germany from 2002 to 2009. Lawyer for US Army JAG Corps before. Bar-certified specialisation in family law and in administrative law. Articles and lectures about international and domestic family law.


2000 Law Degree from University of Regensburg, Germany 2002 admitted to the bar (until 2009) 2013 MA Philosophy at the Open University, UK

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