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2016-01-03StephenRental property and damages101010NoThank you for the quick response.
2015-10-01jaredPest control on rental101010YesThank you for your help.
2015-07-25jaredNew baby on lease101010No 
2015-07-20DavidExcessive noise from neighbors71010NoThank you for your opinion.
2015-02-16Erin Can a landlord decide101010NoThank you, great idea! :)
2014-10-23JimDoor damage, tenant was101010No 
2014-09-17Pablogoing from renting to101010NoThank you very much for your very helpful response! I really appreciate it! Sincerely, Pablo Durissimo
2014-08-07Leetownhouse for rent101010YesThanks for the info and advice!
2014-06-09SamLeasing Question101010No 
2014-05-03ChristiHomeowner and Property Management101010YesThanks!
2014-05-03ChristiHomeowner and Property Management101010YesThank you for your quick response.
2013-03-07S. MahaQuestion on Risk Management101010No 
2013-02-20S. MahaQuestion101010Yes 
2012-12-24jaredrental property appliances101010YesThank you again Don for your help. I will give it a thorough look over before signing. Happy holidays. Jared C.
2012-10-18JoQuestion re: Lease71010YesThank you very much.
2012-09-07jaredMaintenance responsibilities101010YesThanks for the advise and the helpful links.
2012-08-23DavidHOA Contract with Management101010YesThank you so VERY MUCH! YOU GIVE US GREAT HOPE!
2012-07-23jaredmove-out repairs101010YesThank you for the link, i shall read this.
2012-07-20LisaDo I need to101010YesGood, right-thing-to-do advice. Thank you for your time Donald!
2012-07-20LisaDo I need to101010YesVery timely response- I appreciate that. and good info. Thank you!
2012-04-08Jcredit score101010YesDear Don, I don't even know how to thank you for all your valuable time you put into answering my questions. You really lifted my self esteem and courage. I bet you are the best and fairest landlord in whole US. Again, thanks for such valuable and comforting advice and suggetions. You are 100 times my "volunteer of the month." Please do never leave AllExperts. com giving help and expertise advice. Thanks and God bless........
2012-02-06Jamesliability for lease prior101010YesI greatly appreciate the knowledge and expertise you offer in the matter at hand, people these days are not so willing to answer any questions with compensation, so when someone does provide guidance it is greatly appreciated. Again, thank-you for responding so fast in this matter and I appreciate your provided information.
2012-02-06KarlProperty Manager without contract101010NoThank you very much for your prompt answer, and your help is greatly appreciated. I will consult an attorny if it comes to that, but hopefully it won't.
2012-02-05Jamesliability for lease prior101010NoI greatly appreciate the information you have provided as well as the link for caltenant documentation. I believe this will greatly help me to resolve this matter with property management.
2012-01-07Steve PProperty Management Residential Tax101010Yes 
2012-01-05StephLease or what to91010YesThank you so much Donald for your prompt reply. I actually am familiar with the option of a "Life Lease' through my real estate classes and experience. I hope that is the best option. I will speak with someone in Law to draft a lease or the like to protect me :) I know my real mother has one in place for her husband so he can remain in thier home for the duration of his life if she passes first before the home would be given to her heirs. Thank you!!
2011-12-05CharlesNormal Wear and Tear101010YesMr. Leske, Thank you very much for your expertise and your timely knowledgeable and clear response to my request for your expert evaluation. Your response was extremely useful. Best wishes for the Holidays, and Best Regards, Charlie Raimondi
2011-10-13TeresaCommon Elements101010NoThank you for your response. I miswrote in my letter that the Clubhouse is closed the month of September but I meant December. With that being said I appreciate your validation. I may need a lawyer to step in. Sadly, I am not having any response to my emails.
2011-10-09Bret - Why do Landlords have101010Yes 

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Donald J. Leske II


Advocate for Landlord & Tenant Rights. Based in Washington State as a Licensed Real Estate Broker and Property Manager. I am a Landlord but I am not a Lawyer. Ask any question dealing with the rental of residential properties, including; 1. Evictions. 2. Maintenance & repair issues. 3. How to set a fair rental price. 4. When to hire a property manager. 5. Selling and how to determine value. 6. Basic tax questions and Legal issues ok, but most will be referred to a professional in that field.


I have 30 years experience in Property Management with about 560 clients, plus I own my own Real Estate Brokerage ( with expanded experience & training in Short Sales, Foreclosure negotiations and rental property management. I write an informal online Real Estate News Magazine and am a member of NARPM, National Association of Residential Property Managers and have been quoted by News Agencies.


Rated and reviewed Editorials, Advice and short Articles at Trulia, Active Rain and All Experts online. Advice Contributor contributor
All Experts contributor

ABR Certified, State of Washington Licensed Agent & Broker. Past member of BBB, Chamber of Commerce and Board of Realtors.

Awards and Honors
2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 Presidents Gold Award for high achievement, John L. Scott Realty. - "Shining Star Award" 2006 - 03/04/05/06 All Star of the Year Award for excellence.

Past/Present Clients
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