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2017-02-01LucyDistributors101010YesPerfect. Thanks James for your time.
2015-12-20CurtHow to get started101010YesExcellent advice sir. Thank you very much. I'm on my way to get the book. I hope our paths cross again in the future. Warm Regards, Curt J.
2015-10-19chriswhich product sells the10910Yes 
2015-07-06Akrm Question regarding importing91010Yes 
2015-02-20KimTrade Show Wholesaler Process101010YesThank you for your timely response. You have validated that it is an acceptable practice.
2015-01-06ClaudeSoucing101010YesThank you very much Sharp and Clear
2014-09-30RozBrand providing products for101010YesThank you James! Very helpful!
2014-08-31ChadRetail margin on new101010YesJames, Thank you kindly for answering my question. When I started the project over a year ago I had hoped for a $200 retail, however, ..., we you know the issues in sourcing! Thank you again for you help!
2014-04-04Randyretail pricing101010YesThank you James
2013-11-18SKTodays' economy vs. 1950's101010NoVery informative, thank you very much for clearing up this question for me.
2013-10-23KristieStarting a Business101010YesThank You for the reply. You had a lot of great ideas for me to think about. Thank You Again, Kristie
2013-07-04YoniPrivate Consulting101010No 
2013-07-02DanWholesale pricing when dealing101010NoUnderstood. Thanks!
2013-06-25peterQuestion about how to101010Yes 
2013-05-22MarkConjoint/Discrete Choice Analysis and878No 
2013-03-11KenMark up's101010YesThank you so much, I am grateful, Ken
2013-01-03karunaPricing of imported Reatail9910YesQuick and Great response.
2012-11-26CathyCalculating cost when margin10910Yes 
2012-11-16Ernieconsumer complaints101010No 
2012-11-09Dawn DaTarget Margins of Retailers101010YesThank you again for your help. I appreciate the example. I will keep working on this and eventually it will all sink in! I am in Calgary - we are in the middle of a big snow storm. Gotta love Canadian winters! I hear Chicago is a really great city!
2012-11-08Dawn DaTarget Margins of Retailers101010YesQuick response time!!!! Thank you so much.
2012-09-30IsabellWholesale to Europe101010YesThank you so much James!
2012-08-25Jimmanufacturer to retailer markup101010YesI don't think you are crazy. I have been in a sole proprietorship business for 26 years and am some what knowledgeable. You gave me exactly what I asked for and needed. Thank you...Jim
2012-06-01HelenExport to EU -101010NoThanks for your wealth of knowledge.
2012-05-28Helen Export to EU101010NoThank you so much for the information you provided. It was clear and my questions were answered quickly with a lot of insight into the retail trade.
2012-04-12GTPOS for Optical Store101010YesAmazing! Fast, precise, clear and very productive. Thank you Sir
2012-03-28Pete CuNew type of tool101010Yes Mr Dion I would like to thank you very much. You Have given me the answer that I have been search months How can I show my appreciation on your quick response. Thank You. Pete Cusumano
2012-02-21Austinmarkup and suppliers101010NoThank you, i know it was a homework question but i was looking and I could not finding any sites that had the information on them. thanks again
2012-01-17MichaelHow to best price101010YesThank you for getting back to me! At the end I have incorporated Swedish VAT into cost of my product as non VAT myself I can't claim it back. I don't think for department store to buy directly from my manufacturer would work but I can always consider this as an option in the future. I am still waiting to hear back from my client so I am keeping all my fingers crossed. Thank you again!!!
2012-01-12Tony IvBoutique & specialty stores101010YesI greatly appreciate it, thank you and GOD BLESS! Tony.

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General Retail Business Issues

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James E. Dion


Most questions about trends in specialty retail, how customers are changing both in the US and Europe. Demographics for all countries as they relate to retail trends and issues. Store Operations, Buying and Merchandising.


Over 40 years in the retail industry, store level, store manager, buyer, merchandise manager, Vice President.

BS Psychology, MS Psychology, PhD(abd) Industrial Psychology Illinois Institute of Technology

Past/Present Clients
Microsoft, Harley-Davidson, Ritz-Carlton, Hummer, Williams-Sonoma, Ace Hardware, Coleman Spas, Aldo, Intel, Dell, Safeway, New Balance, IBM, Kodak, Bata International, Nortel Networks, Honey Baked Ham Co., Man Alive, Highsmith
B.S Chicago State University M.S. Chicago State University PhD (abd) Illinois Institute of Technology

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