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2017-03-19hemanthidentification and rarity101010YesThanks very much
2016-12-06Ilya2 Rupees coin101010YesSwift, clear, useful!
2016-11-24RuwanthCoins & notes101010YesThank you, this is very helpful..
2016-10-29Sampath1945 50 rupees101010YesVery helpful
2016-10-28Sampath1945 50 rupees101010YesSuperb advice
2016-04-17Mike"Lakshmi" plaque101010NoThank you, Dr. Ratnatunga. Unfortunately, I didn't record the dealer.
2016-03-16SushilSri Lankan Banknotes101010YesThank You Dr. Ratnatunga for your answer. It was quite helpful. Sushil R.
2016-01-23ranganadear sir101010Yesthnk u for consuming ur valuable time to answr my question.
2015-11-16StevenVOC 1644 Stuiver101010NoMany thanks for you insight. I will have all coins checked out, weighed and scanned, this might take a while because I have no knowledge of any reputable dealers where I am at now. For sure I will contact you again once I know more.
2015-11-16Kapila inquiry about one ruppe10610NoThank you for your response. i cleared my doubt about rupee note with date 1951 ( it was listed as you mentioned) but the one with date 1943 , it has A/42 85.... like number. the date of issued is ideal but the serial number is not math with the data in the website because A/42 begins with 9..... like serials thats why i asked is this fake one or not. any way thank you for your comment and i think this kind of service is reallly beneficial who are interested in this field. i think you have done a great job. keep that service for future also and i highly approcitaed your efffort and the information on your site is really importnt especially for young people loke us.
2015-10-27Hemang Need Address of coin101010YesThanks a lot Dr Kavan... did not expected such a fast and perfect reply on my querry..all the very best..Thanks again
2015-01-24Shehan Ebay merchants101010YesVery knowledgeable and replies fast to questions!
2015-01-23alan1945, 5 cents101010NoThank you for information, much appreciated. Alan
2015-01-23Shehan Notifed when new coins101010NoThank you for your prompt response! I have sent a subscription request to the yahoo group. Best, Shehan
2015-01-19Thomas Holidays in Sri Lanka/Coins101010Yes 
2015-01-18MiguelSri Lanka District Series101010YesFast and clear. Thank your very much.
2014-11-04KavindaIdentify ancient coins101010NoReply: Ah such as the imitated roman coins of ancient Lanka as i read on your website, it's interesting. Well sir actually, i'm not a collector and i don't have a collection, these are the only ones that i have which my mother gave me. Unfortunately the rest of my grandfathers collection was said to be sold back in the 80's. i was just interested in finding out the numismatic value of these coins. I really appreciate your offer to support :) Thank you very much once again.. and please continue your good efforts :) Kavinda.
2014-08-21pierrefake and rea VOCl101010NoThank you very much for all these advices. I think I would not take the risk to buy and bring back these coins.
2014-07-05Percy S10 RUPEES of Ceylon101010YesDear Sir, Many thanks for your prompt reply and helping me understand the sub-prefixes of this beautiful series of KG VI 10 Rupees from 1941 to 1948. Sir, it has taken me 12 years to come close to completion of these J1 to J47 series notes (including date breaks) and I am now missing only J46 & J47 sub-prefixes in my collection. Hope someone can help me in this. Your site is excellent with so much details, something which I had never known before. Hope to follow your site lakdiva more closely to gain knowledge and thus help me in my 10 RUPEES collection of Ceylon. Thanking you Sincerely once again. Warm Regards from India, Percy Siganporia
2014-04-11SarangaValue of old coins9910No 
2014-01-06karunakenquiry on value of101010YesThanking you doctor for enlightening me on this subject. It has been very useful as my in-laws have been literally drooling over such a prospect. Thanks again
2013-06-02Peterwierd figure101010YesThanks so much for your fantastic reply, and suggested follow up. Yes, the coin/disk was found in Australia while metal detecting.
2012-07-24Sachith1/8 cent101010NoThank you.
2012-07-12johneysri lankan coins101010Nothank you very much.
2012-07-05Wiardquestion on authenticity of101010Yes 
2012-05-06LeeIndian/Sri Lankan coin??101010No 
2012-05-05LeeIndian/Sri Lankan coin??101010NoThank you for a swift, accurate answer!!
2012-05-05bill1898 ceylon quarter cent101010Yesthank you for your time.

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Dr Kavan Ratnatunga


I can only answer any question regarding Paper Money, coins and Tokens that circulated in Ceylon/Sri Lanka of any era which extends back to 300 BCE. I maintain website and which may help you identify your banknote or coin. If Country is any other or unknown, coin should have been found in Sri Lanka. Please Do not ask questions about any coins or currency of other countries including USA. Thank You.


I maintain since 1998 the largest website on Ceylon/Sri Lankan coins and Tokens with over 900 pages.

Former President Sri Lanka Numismatic Society founded in 1976

Sunday Times NewsPaper of Sri Lanka. See

BSc MS PhD in Physics/Astronomy Diploma in Museology

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Contributor on Ceylon/Sri Lanka for Krause Standard Catalogs of World Coins and Paper Money.

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