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2017-04-03Nancymange mites101010YesThank you so much; your responses have helped me a great deal. It has calmed me down and gives me new hope of clearing up this situation. I know it will be a long road but I'm more than willing to keep fighting to end this plague. I'm going to try the POURON and Ivemectin injection treatment. Please keep us in your prayers. Oh, and yes, I leave a window in the goat room partially open when they are closed in on cold winter nights so they won't get pneumonia. (Little to no chance of fire since nothing electrical is on in the barn.) Thank you again. Nancy
2017-03-28Lynn DeI lost a baby101010Yes 
2017-03-28Lynn DeI lost a baby101010YesThanks, I understand what you were saying, But I don't think I gave you enough info. I sent a follow up question I didn't realize I could put my comment here. I think you answered correctly enough with the info I gave you. But my vet seems to think it was a twisted gut. I have to agree. she did moan a lot in pain. And I first thought it was an upset stomach or bloating. Thanks again for getting back to me. I just wanted to know if I should take action with the rest of the babies. They are all doing great. Thanks again.
2017-02-14ZeriahSwitching baby goat to101010Yes 
2017-01-05VeronicUrinary Calculi in female101010NoThank you SO much for all the info and advice. I really appreciate you adding that it's not my fault..... I have felt very guilty for getting these babies with such lack of experience, however I have passion and I truly love them and I am working to learn as much as I can as I go. You will be happy to know that they are doing great. I made changes to their diet and it has made a huge difference already. They even look healthier. Thank you again! God bless, Veronica
2017-01-02Tammigoat-swollen udders101010YesThis information was very welcome. My volunteer,goat lady, was very helpful, very personal, and am very thankful for her help. I have been trying to get help for a year for my darling goat. I have no income, so trying to take my goat to a vet was not likely. Everytime I would find a website that could possibly help me for free, they wanted money. I had none. The goat lady took the time not once but has been an ongoing project to help my darling goat. Thank you very much goat lady. I rate your information the highest rating. 10+
2016-08-09MichaelSick pregnant goat101010YesGreat and very fast response. Would highly recommend
2016-08-09Dianeaggressive new goat101010NoHi goat lady, after your response we bought a wether for her to pal up with. I also started to spend lots of time in her pen just sitting there and letting her approach me. She seems to be calming down more now and is showing some signs of affection. Thank you for responding to me...I really appreciate it!
2016-06-09Debgoat horn guards101010No 
2016-05-08CherylUpdate Newborn Twins sleeping101010NoThank YOu
2016-05-06CherylNewborn twins sleeping apart101010YesThank You
2016-04-13savannaMy goat is bleeding101010YesThey were really helpful, I got quick answers, and follow up questions, and its all free.
2016-04-08LK2 month old kid101010YesThanks for prompt and informed response!
2016-03-28Jacquelfollow-up broken toe?101010YesExcellent!! Will us again!!
2016-03-27LucretiGoat udder101010NoThanks very much, not sure if I will get a vet or not with her being of the older age, but it is good to have a generic idea all the same of what it may and may not being. Thanks heaps!
2016-03-21Mariegoat repellent101010NoThanks
2016-03-17Matthew"An Animal Saved My101010No 
2016-03-14Matthew"An Animal Saved My10810Yes 
2016-03-07CherylQuestion about birthing time101010YesWonderful. It is a whole lot easier to do that, than to watch the craziness. What especially helps me is the statement, that is what I would do if she were my doe. Since I have a solid due date, unless she goes early or late, that works for me. I'm gonna have some of that store bought colostrum on hand to prevent Murphy's Law from taking over.
2016-03-07Cherylbald spot on belly101010YesThank You soooo much.
2016-03-07Cherylbald spot on belly101010YesThank You. I finally caught her itching her belly. So it makes sense.
2016-03-06Robertsbest goat breeds as101010Yes 
2016-03-05CherylQuestion about birthing time101010YesI am positive about the breeding date. Because she was bred on another farm, and that is the 150 day date. I had already talked to a vet. That is why I tested for mastitis. I just had questions afterward, and got answers I could not really understand. Then more questions as her bag got fuller. You seem to have a knack for bringing it down to what I can understand.
2016-03-04Rhondafemale nubian not acting101010YesThanks so much. Knowing very little about goats and learning as we go, I am so grateful to have someone to advise us, and that responds so quickly.
2016-02-27AmberFalling kid101010YesThank you very much! Pokie has gotten better with her appetite returned. Yes we've had her since birth but had to care for her when her mother died 10 days after her birth. I will definitely look to the provided link. Thank you again.
2016-02-17angelicPossible CL101010YesThank you very much :-)
2016-02-17tiffanybaby goat poop and101010Novery helpful.
2016-01-04cherylNew Years Eve Injury101010Yes 
2016-01-04nicole cloged goat utter101010No 

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