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2016-07-19AaronScreenwriting error?101010YesThanks. I will definitely watch for the ellipses. I do use it quite a bit in this screenplay, I have a lot of action scenes in it.
2016-07-15PrashanConstructing English Songs played101010YesDear Don Thanks. Prashant
2016-07-15PrashanConstructing English Songs played101010YesDear Donald Thank you. Prashant
2016-02-23Demetriright producer101010NoMr. V is very knowledgeable, clear and swift.
2015-11-30Demetriselling log line and101010NoMr. Vasicek is very swift with responses, clear and very knowledgeable. Recommended.
2015-08-19Demetripitching movie idea101010NoWhile he stated he could provide only limited help, nevertheless Mr. Vasicek was clear and knowledgeable. Recommended
2015-08-14Demetripitching movie idea101010NoI thank Don Vasicek who referred me to a reference book I never knew existed. And he did this quickly and clearly. Certainly he is knowledgeable and polite as well.
2015-07-14Demetriselling ebook to Hollywood101010NoMr. Vasicek was knowledgeable and clear. I recommend him
2015-03-18Julian Writing a short story101010No 
2014-10-13AaronScreenwriting101010YesThanks! There was much more of this scene, I didn't write in everything.
2014-05-19vpsCopyright101010YesThank You Very Much
2014-02-24mitchtv in film screenplay101010NoThanks
2014-02-19johnformatting hallucination in screenplay101010No 
2013-10-07AaronScreenplay101010YesI'm actually wondering if it would be best to take out the Chemistry class scene...just go from Alex shutting his locker to the restaurant scene. Advice?
2013-07-31IvyHelp with writing....101010Yes 
2013-07-10aplease help me write101010Yes 
2013-07-05VictorJust a few questions101010YesThank you for your quick and helpful answers! All the best, Victor
2013-07-03Rachelwanting to write better101010Yes 
2013-06-03AJWriting help.101010Yes 
2013-05-29Rachelwanting to know how101010Yes 
2013-05-26Ajwriting help101010Yes 
2013-05-23Rachelhelp with some writing101010Yes 
2013-05-22AJI just want to101010Yes 

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Donald L. Vasicek


Utilizing The Zen of Writing, a writing concept I developed over 40 years of professional writing and filmmaking, I can take you from the inception of your idea to the market. This translates to if you have an idea for a movie or a book, I can guide you through the jungle of writing these tomes all the way to getting it to producers, agents, editors, and/or publishers.


Writer/Consultant for MGM's "Warriors of Virtue"
Writer/Associate Producer for American Film Corporations' "The Lost Heart", "Born To Kill"
Writer/Director/Producer for Olympus Films+'s "Faces" and "Oh, The Places You Can Go..."
Writer/Director/Producer for Olympus Films+'s "The Sand Creek Massacre" Screenwriter for Incline Productions, Inc.'s "The Crown"
Author of "The Write Focus" and "How To Write, Sell, And Get Your Screenplays Produced"

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Graduate, University of Colorado, B. A. in sociology. Graduate, Hollywood Film Institute, Certified as a writer, director, line producer, producer

Awards and Honors
Filmmaking: Best Film Philip S. Miller Library’s The Bull Theatre Film Project Best Documentary Short American Indian Film Festival Colorado Filmmaker’s Showcase Best Documentary Short The Indie Gathering Film Festival Featured Film Native American Film Festival Excellence Award Videographer’s of America Metro State College of Denver Sand Creek Massacre Commemoration Rhode Island College Multicultural/Unity Center Permanent Placement Screening Finalist Hayden Film Festival Award Winner PYXIX Global Media Network Competition Movie of the Week Tywman Creative Semi-Finalist Moondance International Film Festival Best Native American Film, Golden Drover Award Trail Dust Film Festival Archived, Heard Museum, Phoenix and Archived, The Billie Jean Baguley Library Writing: “Writer’s Digest” Scripts Competition Finalist “The Caller” “Writer’s Digest” Scripts Competition Finalist “The Crown” Houston International Film Festival Finalist “The Crown” Finalist The Chesterfield Film School Competition “The Crown” Rocky Mountain Writer’s Guild Writing Award Finalist, The Sundance Institute, “The Crown”

Past/Present Clients
MGM, American Pictures, Incline Productions, Inc. including over 250 writers, directors, producers, and production companies.

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