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Sammi Harrelson


I am a 4th degree black belt black in the arts of Judo and Jujitsu. I`ve been in this field since 1984, started at the age of 34. I have been competting since that time and instructing since 1986. I also instruct womens` self-defense classes. I have been a national and international champion several times. Armlocks are my favorite way to win in tournaments.


I took the gold at the USJI Nationals in Indiana in 1986. Have taken gold in several AAU nationals. I also took the golds in three division in the internationals held in Canada. Womens 120lbs and under, the womens masters, and the womens open weight divison. I earned the first place spot to compete in Spain, and England in the sport of Sombo twice. Sombo is a sport very much like Judo. I have won gold in the State Championships each year that I have competed. I've won several different open state championships, including MO, Ks, IA, Neb, and Ok.

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