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Voltaire`s Child


I can answer questions about the Scientology philosophy, its methods, theories and practices. I can also answer questions about the Church of Scientology and alternative Scientology groups and of the practices thereof.


I posted on as Voltaire's Child for about a year or two. I have posted on several forums and blogs. I have a number of disagreements with the Church of Scientology and, thus, am no longer a member.

I have been quoted in some webpages regarding Scientology and criticism of Scientology. My site is

In the subject, I am a Scientology and Dianetics auditor, a former staff member, an OT and have completed quite a bit of tech and admin training when I was in the Church of Scientology. These days, when I want further training or auditing, I obtain that outside the Church of Scientology.
I have also been a guest on a radio station (KAHL) during a segment on Scientology.

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