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Expert: Mel Priddle
Subject: McLintock!
Question: Just how many people are shot/killed in the John Wayne 1963 film "McLintock!"? (Not counting Patrick Wayne getting "shot" with the starter's pistol.) this the ONLY John Wayne western where the answer is apparently ZERO?
Answer: Hello Tony,

This is an interesting question, and one that I've never given any thought to before. I think you must be right about "McLintock". I certainly can't recall anyone getting shot/killed in that one.

Not strictly a "Western", but how about "North To Alaska". I may be wrong, but I don't remember anyone getting shot/killed in that one either.

And "Three Godfathers". Although Pedro Armendáriz and Harry Carey Jr. both die in the film, nobody was actually shot.

Glad to be of help. Cheers.........Mel.

Glad to be of help. Cheers........Mel.

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